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Where Is the Best Office Space in Boca Raton?

Written on February 28, 2014 at 1:00 pm

Office Space in Boca Raton

Photo By: Asa Wilson

Curb appeal is a term residential realtors use to describe the first impression a house makes when home buyers first pull up in front of it. That first impression is powerful, and it can be a deal breaker. Realtors advise clients to have good curb appeal, so that first impressions won’t kill a sale.

Curb appeal is a concept that can be applied equally well to commercial space. Remember, your clients will get their first impression of your business at the curb. First impressions can be deceiving, it’s true. First impressions can also tell you a lot about a property. Here are some questions to ask as you’re looking for the best office space in Boca Raton — for you.

Is the Office Space in Boca Raton Well Maintained?

Once you are in front of the building, look closely. What’s your first impression? If you take an immediate dislike to the building, stop now to figure out why. It may be something you can ameliorate or replace, or it may be something you can’t.

Does it look prosperous?

You want your clients to see you in a prosperous light. You may think you can manage to do business in a seedy, old or neglected building, but the message you’re sending is the opposite.

Is it clean?

Any respectable proprietorship keeps its grounds in immaculate shape. Danburg Properties have excellent janitorial services at its locations. At One Boca Commerce Center, five-night janitorial services are included in the lease of its office suites.

Are the entries well defined and easy to access?

Physical obstacles, such as confusing layouts, hard-to-access entryways and shadowed areas, can accumulate delays, disappointments and frustrations at this work location. Look for a well-planned-out building with easy access.

Is the Office Space in Boca Raton New, or Has It Been Upgraded?

Boca Raton is in the middle of a business boom. Some office complexes in Boca Raton date back to the 1960s, when IBM first set up operations here. Since IBM left, new businesses have moved in to create a new commercial profile. Major international companies coexist with small but excellent niche businesses.

Danburg Properties is developing new spaces and has completely renovated old ones. One Boca Commerce Center, which is adjacent to three major hotels, was completely renovated in 2010. Electronic media capabilities are continually upgraded at One Boca. An upgraded or newly built property will give a great first impression to you and your clients.

How Easy Was It to Find the Office Building?

Access is important for employees, clients, delivery agents and other service personnel that your business hires. The Preserve, Danburg Properties’ innovative office space for entrepreneurs and high-tech firms, is immediately off I-95 at the Congress Avenue interchange. The Preserve is half an hour from Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach and less than an hour from Miami.

The best office space in Boca Raton for you is one that will let you conduct business in an efficient ongoing manner. Finding your way easily to the building is a good sign that services will be easily available for last-minute purchases, rush projects, late-night deliveries and ongoing business exchanges. Having access to the office building when you need it is also important. The Preserve features 24/7 secure access to the building and its individual suites.

Does the Neighborhood Suit Your Vision?

A lakefront view, such as One Boca Commerce Center provides, is restful. Enjoying the beauty of South Florida’s natural landscape can be part of the vision you have of where you want to work. In choosing the best office space in Boca Raton for you, count on that first impression again. Do you enjoy being downtown? Do you want a reasonable commute? Are you looking forward to going inside the building?

What Are Your First Impressions Inside the Building?

The best office space in Boca Raton is going to give you a clean, secure and efficient work space that has a pleasing ambience and the details that will make you happy. Once you’re inside, take the time to walk around. Get a feel for the building you’re in. Now, what’s the curb appeal of the office suite? Bring with you a plan of activities. Check it against the layout. Make note of the windows and where they are. Imagine settling into a typical work mode. What do you need to have around you? Plants? Electronic interfaces? A door to close? Make sure it’s all there, or that there’s space for it.

A well-thought-out office move involves planning and a lot of forethought. Don’t discount intuition in making sound decisions. Let intuition and reason work together to find you the best office space in Boca Raton.