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The Yamato Scrub Environmental Preserve

Written on July 6, 2012 at 12:49 pm

Site Description

The Yamato Scrub is bordered by Congress and the El Rio Canal on the West, I-95 (and Danburg Management Properties) on the East, and is bisected by Clint Moore Rd. It is the largest remaining scrub tract in Southern Palm Beach County. The Yamato Scrub’s diverse habitats support many endangered and threatened species.

The Yamato Scrub was formed by a long series of natural processes dating back millions of years. It was originally part of Boca Commerce Center and was slated for industrial development until they found the tortoises. In February 1997 after years of legal battles, 217 acres of the Boca Commerce Center (which also includes Danburg Management’s Boca Industrial Park, One Boca Commerce Center and The Preserve) tract was purchased for $17.5 million through a combined effort of the City, State and County.


Two endangered species, the Arctic peregrine falcon and the wood stork, occasionally visit the site to feed and rest. One threatened species, the eastern indigo snake and two species of special concern, the gopher tortoise and Florida mouse, live on the site.


The Yamato Scrub Natural Area contains many species of rare and endangered plants. Endangered plant species known to occur on the site include Curtiss’ milkweed, long strap fern, sand dune spurge, large-flowered rosemary, burrowing four-o’clock, cutthroat grass, common wild pine, twisted and banded airplant, and giant wild pine.

Story Credit: This information was obtained from the Palm Beach County Website. Danburg Management Corporation does not guarantee the accuracy of this information and is not liable for reliance on this information.

For more information, please go directly to their website at: www.pbcgov.com