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Where Can I Find Commercial Offices For Lease Boca Raton?

Written on March 5, 2014 at 12:42 pm

Commercial offices for lease Boca Raton

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Boca Raton is a thriving, lush, beautiful and elegant old city with a modern business economy. You can find commercial offices for lease in the thriving heart of town. To the west, the sprawling green of the Everglades gives South Florida a big part of its particular ecological character. North and south, beaches line the coast.

Boca Raton is known for luxury hotels and the architects who designed them. The business core contains multinational corporate headquarters and entrepreneurial tech firms, design studios and software companies. Boca Raton has major industrial sites and a large service sector.

Enjoy the best that this exciting commercial hub has to offer. A good place to look for commercial offices for lease Boca Raton is with Danburg Properties, a well-established, locally owned and operated management company. Take advantage of the thoroughly modernized, upgraded and state-of-the-art office suites available in buildings maintained by Danburg Properties. You’ll see the best that Boca Raton has to offer.

The History of Commercial Offices for Lease Boca Raton

Boca Raton has been a famous resort since the 1920s. The Ritz-Carlton, later renamed the Boca Raton Resort, was built in 1926. Boca Raton Airport retains a part of the World War II Army Air Force base established there.

Modern business history in Boca Raton began in the 1960s with IBM. IBM bought several hundred acres west of the CSX line and built a mammoth manufacturing and office complex on the grounds. The complex was dedicated in 1970 and annexed into Boca Raton shortly thereafter.

Business development west of the railroad line caused the downtown corridor to decay somewhat in the 1980s. IBM came and went. Downtown experienced numerous transformations. The 2007 economic slump hit South Florida hard. Boca Raton has survived all these vicissitudes and thrives today. Multiple-use building sectors downtown, industrial parks and complexes clustered near the Interstate and significant reconstruction of standing buildings with storm-rated upgrades give today’s companies a range of options for commercial offices for lease Boca Raton.

Social Media and Commercial Offices for Lease Boca Raton

The Preserve is a commercial office complex maintained by Danburg Properties. In the tradition of IBM and other tech complexes before it, the Preserve caters to the habits and requirements of the dot-com crowd and beyond. The complex was built in 2001, three buildings of one and two stories in height contain media-ready office suites configured to online applications. Broadband, streaming and VOIP television are available; digital signals are transmitted via DSL, Ti and satellite.

All tenants have 24/7 access to office spaces. Each office unit has its own HVAC system, which is maintained by the landlord. The Preserve innovates in office layout and wiring to accommodate high-tech companies. The building also features storm-rated construction. Hurricane-resistant impact glass is used in all cases.

Professional Office Suites for Lease

Every corporation has its own culture. High-tech late hours and electronic dependency are not characteristic of all businesses, by any means. There are many designs and flavors of professional office complexes to consider, here are two Danburg Properties to consider:

One Boca Center

One Boca Commerce Center is an attractive two-story office building in Boca Raton. Maintained by Danburg Properties, One Boca offers many of the amenities of The Preserve, including broadband, VOIP and satellite communications. One Boca is adjacent to the Marriott, the Hilton and the Homestead Village hotels, making it ideal for conferencing and business travelers. Suites in One Boca have individual A/C units controlled by the tenant and maintained by the landlord. There’s a separate security system for visitor access, and a five-night janitorial service is included in the lease.

Peninsula Corporate Center

Peninsula Corporate Center is a three-story, class-A office building with many upscale appointments. The tropically landscaped courtyard holds a fountain. Peninsula corporate suites feature 7-foot solid-core doors, private restrooms and granite countertops. Peninsula is storm-ready, with full generator backup. Impact glass ensures safety. Security includes roving after-hours and weekend guards, security cameras and after-hours card access.

Danburg Properties maintains a range of commercial properties for tenants’ use. Should you need a small commercial office with a large warehouse attached, Danburg can supply you with one. Danburg maintains two industrial parks that serve a variety of businesses.

Finding the Right Commercial Office Space

Many buildings in Boca Raton have been renovated over the years. Some of them, like the Boca Raton Resort, have lasted for decades but hurricane season can take its toll. The best commercial office space in Boca Raton will be in a storm-ready building. Choose a management company with a trusted record and well maintained buildings. Consider Danburg Properties, the leading professional commercial space management company in Boca Raton.