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Danburg Golf: Getting to Know the Fundamentals by Jordan Jackson

Written on April 9, 2013 at 6:25 am

By Jordan Jackson

danburg golf - smiley faceFor Boca Raton residents and other South Floridians, golf season – at least the season of affordable greens fees – has arrived. Over the next few months, Danburg Properties of Boca Raton is going to take off its developer and landlord cap and play golf instructor. Actually, we’ll let our spring intern, Jordan Jackson, a student at Lynn University and a semi-professional golfer, be your guide to better golf.

For those who play the sport, golf can be like much of anything we do in life. To play golf well, it is imperative to have a foundation of perfect or near-perfect fundamentals. This will allow you both to more easily learn the more intricate parts of the game of golf, but more importantly, to shoot lower scores so. And all the better if you have a competitive drive and want to beat your friends and golf mates.

If you think about anything else that you do in your life, you will realize that there are a set of basic skills first that have to learned and which later become automatic. When you first started driving, for example, you had to consciously remember how to check your mirrors and adjust your seat before putting the car in gear; it soon became second nature. The same can be said for many of golf’s fundamentals.

This little piece of writing will strive to achieve much the same, that is – to show you how to check your proverbial mirrors on the golf course until fundamentals become second nature.

danburg golf - gripGrip, Posture, Alignment & Ball Position comprise the fundamentals of golf. We will cover each succinctly in both written and visual form for a more complete understanding.

Danburg Golf - Grip 2The Grip – This is the single most effective fundamental. Done correctly, grip will help you more than anything. Without getting too complex, having a good grip is similar to having ink in a pen. Without it – or without it being correct – you’ll never be able to write.

For right-handed players, take your left hand and place the club diagonally from the lowest part of your index finger through the fat part of your palm (Shown in Image) then simply close your hand. The right hand is your speed hand. That said simply take your two strongest fingers, your middle finger and your ring finger, and wrap them around the club. You now have a perfect grip. The pinky and the index finger on the right hand simply are there for comfort and control. (See second image)

danburg golf - sitPosture – Every player should know how to do this perfectly because all you have think of is one thing: Sit Down. Everyone sits. With golf, just think of sitting on a bar stool (which you’ll probably be doing after you play anyway).

danburg golf - alignmentAlignment & Ball Position – This is the steering wheel to your golf game and fundamentals. Without them the ball might go straight but in a completely wrong direction.

For ball position, simply follow the image provided. If you’re really adamant about improving your game print out this blog post and carry it around with you on the course and check it every couple holes to make sure you’re on the right track.

danburg golf - alignment 2For alignment, all you have to be able to do is see two feet in front of you. Pick a piece of grass directly in front of your ball in line with your target. Set up your club face directly in line with that and then allow your body to naturally adjust your self.

Many people who play golf get upset because of poor play. Through reading this article, hopefully you will become a happier golfer.