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Danburg Golf: The Swing Basics (Bonus Tip: How to Hit the Ball Farther Than Everyone you Play) by Jordan Jackson

Written on April 12, 2013 at 9:36 pm

danburg - jordan jacksonBy Jordan Jackson

Golf lessons, Golf Channel, golf books, golf radio, golf everything – and everyone has a different opinion on what’s right and what’s wrong with how to swing a golf club.

This is so wrong it’s incredible. As we head into The Masters weekend, remember this: There is no one right way to swing, as we all have different body compositions and flexibility. As you watch the upcoming Masters, watch how many different swings there are and how aesthetically pleasing – and unpleasing – they might be.

Regardless, they are still extremely effective. Funny enough, we can draw parallels to life, golf – even business. Many businesses operate in very different fashions of management and what product they produce. Yet they are still effective in generating profits. But if you look deeper, just as in golf, you will see that there are certain things that all who are effective do consistently without fail.

In this post, we will explore these factors within the swing.

The good news is, there are only three. And the first is the Fundamentals we covered in the first post. So that means that there are only two things you have to remember to swing better!

danburg golf - swingThe first is the sequence in which you swing. There is a specific order that your body must move in to produce good shots. The order is: To start the club back with your hands. Keep it moving from there with your shoulders. Then move it back with your arms. And finally, get it to the top with your hips (Shown in Image).

Coming down, it is the inverse. This will cause a whip-like effect which will get you to hit the ball pure (Shown in Image)  Speaking candidly, this is one of the best feelings you will ever experience.

The Second is one of the easiest things to master in golf – and possibly one of the most fun to do. Rhythm and music have be known to soothe the soul. They also can soothe your golf game. When a person dances off-beat or plays a musical instrument out of tune or out of time, the dance looks terrible or the music sounds horrible.

Danburg Golf - WhipSimilarly, golf is a trifecta. Without good rhythm and tempo, your swing will look terrible, the sound of the ball will be terrible, and your score will make you feel terrible.

The solution is simple: the next time you go to the range to practice, take your iPod. Make sure you listen to the most melodic music you can so that you can sync your swing with the timing of the music. You will be amazed how effortlessly the ball will start to fly in the air. Even PGA tour golfers such as Anthony Kim practice with music to aid their rhythm.

danburg golf - ipodBonus: Hit It Past Everyone you Play With – The key to distance in golf has nothing to do with muscles or height or if you’re a man or a woman. It has everything to do with having the club meet the ball at the optimal moment in the swing arc. This is to say: hitting the ball on the upswing at the fastest point in the swing. This delivers maximum ball speed and minimum ball spin. As a result, the ball should go very, very far. Just remember: couple the rhythm from above with hitting the ball on the upswing with your driver.