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Danburg Properties on the Holidays: Avoid the Rush – 5 Tips on Early Gift Giving & Planning

Written on October 18, 2013 at 2:34 am

danburg giftAt Danburg Properties of Boca Raton, as a developer, owner and manager of Boca Raton office, warehouse and industrial facilities, our name and address gets on to countless lists. So it’s no surprise that one of our people recently received a brochure promoting holiday gift ideas.

It came at a good time – well before the rush of the holidays and with plenty of time to customize any gifts to be sent.

In fact, many companies hem and haw about what gifts to give their employees, clients or customers during the holiday season. Some debate whether to give gifts at all. This can be a very complicated and emotional issue – one that can transcend the sensibilities of the giver and directly affect the recipient. That makes the decision about something that on its face would seem simple instead an an important decision indeed.

Below are five tips on gift giving during the holidays.

1. Can the recipient even receive gifts? Some companies prohibit or dissuade the giving of gifts to its employees. Others are selective in what can be received (one news organization – an industry whose writers historically have been given gifts as “thanks” from PR people media-savvy execs – held to the mantra: If you can’t eat it, you can’t keep it.’ Inedible gifts were given to charity). Don’t jeopardize your relationship with your client, customer or prospect. Call his or her HR department to inquire as to whether gifts are allowed, and if so, whether any limits or exclusions exists.

2. Is the organization worthy of your largesse? Some givers like to pool gifting by making a donation to one organization or cause in the name of the giver’s clients. It’s a nice sentiment, but is the philanthropy worthy? Do some research before writing the check. Search online for prevailing sentiment about the organization, and inquire with their local Better Business Bureau. Also, check their published balance sheet (public record for all 501(c)3 charitable organizations). One charity reportedly took in $5 million – but spent around $500,000 on those in need.

3. Consider local gifting. It’s nice to give to national organizations. But local causes help local communities and locals in need. Besides, local giving and charitable involvement can become a year ’round effort.

4. Seek some advice. Stymied for what to give? Search online for some ideas. You don’t have to give to those specific organizations. But seeing some names may spur additional ideas. Forbes Online and Huffington Post had a few ideas. Esquire had some more.

5. Whatever you decide, start planning now. The holiday season is coming quickly. Planning, then buying and shipping the right gift can take time. Don’t get lost in the holiday rush or stymied by the end-of-year crunch. Plan early.