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Examples of Innovative Office Space

Written on December 23, 2013 at 2:04 pm

Innovative Office Space

There’s no denying that office design can have a dynamic impact on the entire business. Danburg is Boca Raton’s leading resource for locating commercial properties. In your search for the best office fit, here are some things to think about, especially if you’re looking to invest in an innovative office space.

 Innovative office space sparks collaboration and creativity. The smart entrepreneur utilizes it to cultivate a culture of comfort and productivity. The smart employee embraces it, coming in daily to do their best because they like coming to work.

Consider open spaces and zoning. Open spaces are known to improve communications. It makes designated areas where it’s time to think and strategize more relevant. Zoning would entail having a place to eat and a place to think, etc. Open spaces make for better collaboration and interaction while zones will give employees choices about where to engage. FS2 had their spaces designed like the layout of a city filled with communal spaces to encourage unique connections.

When we want to get away from it all, we usually head to environments that are calming and surrounded by natural elements. These same elements can be applied to innovative office space for a similar effect. Utilize as much natural light as available or use bulbs that simulate natural light. It boosts creativity and has beneficial impact on health. Plants and trees can do wonders for morale. Rocks, water, green and other natural materials will brighten spaces and employees. The Netherland’s corporate campus Apeldoorn integrates smart open space with interior landscape design. In St. John’s Wood, England, Shoffice developed an office space that’s also a garden pavilion. It’s an outstanding environment for working without distractions.

It may be conducive to leave a little room for play. Amenities can send a message that employees have value and their happiness means something to employers. Google has music rooms, mini golf and arcade games. They’ve fostered an aura of trust and comfort in employees who in turn maintain positive attitudes about their responsibilities and a greater loyalty to their employer. The company has also installed larger than life slides as opposed to staircases, giving employees a brief moment to unwind when going from one part of the building to another.

Remember, the best way to encourage innovation is to let employees know you’re open to it. Designated space for creativity is an excellent idea. An ocean of cubicles can be emotionally and physically confining, minimizing the possibility of flourishing. Invite employees to be spontaneous and pioneering. Intel’s Ireland facility has an open lab that employees use to enhance and facilitate research. It offers innovative opportunities for employees that ultimately benefit the employer.

All these ideas won’t work in any environment. When it comes to innovative office space, you need to have a design of what you’re looking for with your objectives in mind. Have a conversation or three with an architect or designer tossing around ideas. Danburg’s agents can help you as well, having played no small part in helping a business find the perfect space for making inventive visions a reality.