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What Factors Should I Be Thinking about When Choosing the Right Office Space?

Written on January 22, 2014 at 1:48 pm

Choosing The Right Office Space

Attribution: Foundation7

One of the reasons choosing the right office space may be such a daunting task is because there are so many options. There are often many expenses involved that haven’t been anticipated and the terms of the lease must also coincide with the business’ objectives. Verifying the office space is zoned correctly for the business, and assuring operations are maintained within stated lease restrictions can become quite an ordeal. Choosing the right office space involves a great deal more than simply finding an appropriate physical space. There are numerous aspects of relocating that must be evaluated and a good landlord like Danburg Properties makes sure that you’re leasing the ‘right’ space for your business.

Choosing the Right Office Space for the Budget

The costs associated with acquiring a new office space may not be immediately evident. In addition to the cost of leasing the office space, there may be other fees such as a security deposit or common area maintenance fees. Other expenses that need to be accounted for include moving costs and downtime during the move. If the office space is unfinished, there may be the added expense of renovations. Utilities may or may not be included in the monthly lease. It’s important to understand what utilities and other expenses the business will be responsible for prior to signing a lease.

Choosing the Right Office Space and the Right Zoning

Prior to making a commitment to an office space, the zoning should be verified. Check with the landlord to ensure the property is zoned for the type of business to be conducted in the facility.

Lease Renewal Options

Once the right office space has been found, the tenant will most likely want to renew the lease when it expires. It may be helpful to know what to expect in the future in terms of rate increases. Ask if there is a maximum percentage the cost of leasing the facility and any additional fees may be increased each year. When anticipating growth, it may be wise to discuss options for a larger office space in advance. There may be special provisions for moving to another office space within the same complex.

Be Aware of Lease Restrictions

Many times the lease may include certain restrictions on the use of the property. The prospective tenant should be aware of these limitations as they may have a profound affect on the business. For example, if the lease requires only a specific communications provider be employed at the facility, and the business is already under contract with another, this may present a serious conflict. Some of the most common lease restrictions may include the following:

• The size and color of advertising

• Utilities such as cable, security systems, telephone

• Contractors for construction or repair

• Vendors

• Hours of operation