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Innovative Office Space in Boca Raton

Written on December 23, 2013 at 11:23 am

Innovative Office Space

There’s a good reason why Google has been named the greatest place to work. It’s because of innovative office space design. They have specifically engineered their work spaces to create a sense of fun, comfort and productivity.

Studies have shown employees are unconsciously influenced by their office surroundings. If the environment is bland, uniform and gray, it tends to affect how they approach the work. Creative surroundings are inspiring. It shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that employees perform at a higher level when the office décor promotes a communal atmosphere. Creative spaces are stimulating, putting the mind in a creative place.

When employers put a little energy into innovative spacing, it promotes the idea that they care about their employees. In turn, employees respond positively. It makes them happy and it makes them want to return the kindness. That return is a higher productivity level, a greater influx of high quality talent that stays and a reputation for being a place where everyone wishes they were employed.



Where would you go for inspiration?

When looking at innovative office spacing, consider where people go to think and solve problems. Seriously consider what elements are usually involved and how can your business utilize them effectively to create a stimulating environment.



Nature is an effective stress reducer and there’s nothing better for employees. Sunlight and fresh air have a powerful and positive impact. Even an opportunity to view nature can have a dynamic impact. Studies show hospital patients that can see trees or open spaces outside their window have lower pain perception and quicker recoveries.


Social Settings

It’s not a coincidence that the biggest, most successful corporations in the world right now have infamously set up office space that gives employers areas to relax and play. No, you probably don’t want employees engrossed in table tennis in the middle of the workday. But people perform better when they’re relaxed. Interaction and play gets the juices flowing and relieves pressure.



We sit on the beach. We look out over lakes. We enjoy sitting in the tub. Water, especially moving water like fountains and waterfalls, can create a relaxed state that clears the head, leaving room for problem solving. Water is one of the most calming sedatives you don’t need a prescription for. Forward thinking entrepreneurs could look at their spaces with this in mind.


With these ideas in mind, the best innovative office space will have:

  • Areas for mental, physical and emotional stimulation and inspiration, that lifts spirits and encourages common purpose.
  • Space to reflect, as ideas may need to incubate and periods of quiet, focused time can provide conditions for the brain to break through.
  • Collaborative spaces outside of standardized meeting rooms as the best ideas are discussed in hallways, at lunch counters and elevators
  • Room to play, allowing employees to connect in relaxed arenas that strengthens bonds and makes working together easier.

Danburg can help you find the perfect innovative office space in Boca Raton, providing your business with the opportunity to create a world that employees look forward to coming to every day.