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Innovative Office Space Solutions in Boca Raton

Written on July 3, 2014 at 9:33 am

Office Space Solutions Boca Raton

How Innovative Office Space Solutions in Boca Raton Are Changing Business

More than a decade ago, a major office equipment manufacturer predicted that the trends in the way business is conducted would also mean the way that office space is utilized would change. The manufacturer predicted that there would be fewer offices, they would be more flexible, and there would be an increase in shared office spaces. The new concept would allow for more amenities to be implemented. Rather than a conference room located away from workstations, it would be centrally located, with smaller workstations having doors for privacy when needed. Office amenities for employees may include:

  • Coffee bar
  • Library
  • Resource center
  • Cafe
  • Private rooms


Innovative Office Space Solutions in Boca Raton and Flexibility

Most industry analysts are in agreement that the newer trends will become the standard for utilizing office space, including smaller workstations, shared space for coworkers, and offices designed with an open concept. One of the new design options for smaller office spaces is to provide small, individual enclaves with a desk and chair, sofa, and connections for a laptop and phone. Danburg Property Management understands that what matters most to you as a business owner is the most effective use of your office space. To make sure you’re utilizing your space more efficiently, find out about the more collaborative spaces that are available at our properties. Here are some of the most innovative office space solutions in Boca Raton.


Executive Suites

Executive suites should ideally be used for short-term or temporary use. In the long run, they can be much more expensive than smaller office suites. The executive suite concept has become less popular in the last few years, and more companies are opting for smaller workstations that allow for smaller, private rooms to accommodate the office equipment for four or five people to work collaboratively. This is a good option for small groups that have regular meetings.


Small Office Suites

Small businesses, startups, and satellite offices like the flexibility of innovative office space solutions in Boca Raton. Providing small office suites are an attractive option for small business owners. Small suites are more cost effective for small companies, and are designed with convenience and time in mind. This is one of the key features of Danburg Property Management. Lease options are flexible so you can upsize or downsize your space as needed. Small office spaces are hard to find in the South Florida region, and Danburg has a large inventory to accommodate every type of business. Most units have private bathrooms and parking directly outside the door.


Hurricane-Hardened Office Space

The Peninsula Corporate Center features “storm ready” full generator backup and hurricane glass. This type of glass is designed to withstand high winds and flying debris during hurricanes, and will provide you and your business with a high level of protection. The professional suites are ideal for companies that must continue operations year round in spite of severe weather. The facility has after-hours and weekend security guards, security cameras, and after hours card access.


Class “A” Industrial Space

Many businesses need industrial space that also doubles as a showroom and the nicest industrially-zoned space in Boca Raton and Palm Beach County is available at Danburg. Boca Industrial Park is the only “A” class industrial park in the city that provides premium showroom space for clients. The six building complex is conveniently located just minutes away from I-95 with easy access to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. A variety of clients with different needs are based in the Boca Industrial Park, these include:

  • Biotest Plasma
  • Cava Stone
  • BioBubble
  • Distinctive Kitchen and Bathroom
  • Boca Ballet Theatre
  • United Refrigeration: Largest distributor HVAC in South Florida
  • Aqua Springs: Bottled water and coffee distribution
  • Hospital Overstock: sells new, discounted, hospital supplies
  • Boca Industrial Park: home to DNA, sports drink
  • Dennis Uniform: provides school uniforms
  • Norbar Fabrics: top three fabric houses in the US


Shared/Coworking Spaces

Although this newer trend is becoming more popular, there are downsides to co-working spaces. Much like executive suites, you are at the mercy of your neighbors. With a shared conference room, others may overhear private conversations and you don’t have the flexibility of using the space when it’s convenient for you. Another consequence of shared space is that may not have a pleasant experience. How and when you use the space is out of your control and may not be the best solution for your business.