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Top 5 Things You Should Be Looking For When Shopping For A Warehouse And Office Space For Lease

Written on February 27, 2014 at 10:42 am

Warehouse and Office Space For Lease

Photo by: Secom Bahia

Boca Raton is a thriving industrial and office center. The city has many advantages to offer businesses looking to lease commercial space here. We’ve put together a list of five essential items to add to your checklist. Carry the checklist around with you when shopping for a warehouse and office space for lease.

1. Consider Your Best Use of a Warehouse and Office Space for Lease

The best way to take advantage of all Boca Raton has to offer is to have a clear idea of what your uses for the space are going to be. Then you’ll be able to say, I want this. This works for me, and that doesn’t.

Keep in mind:

  • How much foot traffic you expect

  • What kind of electronics you’ll need to support

  • What the logistics of deliveries are going to be

  • All these aspects and more will help you define the size and layout you need in a commercial space.

2. Evaluate the Location of a Warehouse and Office Space for Lease

The neighborhood you put your office or warehouse in is more important than you think. Even if you don’t expect much foot traffic, your employees have to show up for work every day. The neighborhood has to be safe. It has to be well maintained. It has to reflect the image of your business that you want people to see.

The building you select for a warehouse and office space for lease is like a neighborhood. The neighbors reflect back on you. Choose a great location based on its ability to draw interest and attract repeat customers. Make it a place where your employees love to come.

3. Consider Ease of Access

It doesn’t matter whether you need an office space for a business that is mostly online or a warehouse space for shipping large components. Access to the physical location is always going to be important.

Where are the nearest airports?

Boca Raton is within easy driving distance of three major airports. Even closer are two private airports for executive travel.

What is regional travel like?

All the Danburg Properties in Boca Raton are convenient to I-95. Having easy access to the interstate is a primary benefit.

How isolated is the location?

Leasing office or warehouse space in town gives employees access to amenities. It makes finding you easier. Your company can take advantage of the many services a city has to offer.

What’s the parking like?

Does the building have its own secured parking area? Can clients drive up? Is it convenient for employees and suppliers?

What other delivery systems are in place?

South Florida is booming, and with economic growth comes related developments. The railroad that runs through Boca Raton is slated for expansion across the region.

4. Look at the Services Provided in the Lease When Considering Your Budget

It never saves money to cut back on essential services. Making sure that the quality of services is good should be a priority when checking on a possible warehouse and office space for lease.

Danburg Properties manages one million square feet of commercial space in Boca Raton. Each of the properties has an array of services geared for the tenants whether its warehouse, retail or office space. The Preserve in Boca Raton is a new building especially constructed to appeal to high-tech firms. Broadband, VOIP and streaming video are in place. DSL, T1 and satellite television are available. Make sure the building you choose supports the electronic configurations you need to work.

5. Evaluate Landlord Support and Presence

Danburg Properties goes out of its way to create a viable work environment by making extra facilities available to tenants. A small-scale meeting room is available for informal conferencing. We keep tenants updated of news in the business community, the region and also the individual properties. Go online with us to hear about the latest local business events and the accomplishments of other tenants. At Danburg, we consider support for our tenants and support for the greater business community as absolutely paramount.

Take a little time to plug these tips into the vision you have for your company office or warehouse space. Your search for a warehouse and office space for lease will be fast and accurate.